SPEC 42230

ETFE/ETFE Instrumentation Shielded Pairs Tray Cable

Flexible Instrumentation - Shielded Pairs, 600 Volts 150°C Dry Special Applications



  1. Conductor:Class B stranding per ASTM B8. Tinned, annealed copper per ASTM B33
  2. Insulation:Extruded ethylene -tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE)
  3. Twisted Pair:Conductors twisted together with a drain wire and alum/mylar shield
  4. Shielding:Aluminum mylar shield and drain wire is applied over the core
  5. Overall Jacket:Extruded ethylene -tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE)

Applications and Features:

For use as a 600 volt, Multi Pair instrumentation cable where flame retardance, Moisture/Chemical resistance, and high temperature rating is critical. Cable can be installed in free air, in raceways or direct burial. The cable is also approved for damp or dry locations as well as Class 1 Division II industrial hazardous locations per NEC 501-4(b) for (UL) Type tray cables (TC).

Temperature rating of 150°C dry for special applications. Excellent cut through resistance, electrical properties, chemical resistance, resistance to fluids, and flame resistance. Resistant to crush, compression and deformation. Low coefficient of friction makes installation easier. Good mechanical strength. Flexible. Pairs are black and white with pair number printed on the white conductor.


  • ASTM B8 Concentric-Lay-Stranded Copper Conductors
  • ASTM B33 Standard Specification for Tin-Coated Soft or Annealed Copper Wire
  • UL 1277 Vertical Cable Tray Flame Tests (70,000 BTU/Hr)
  • ICEA T-29-520 Flame Test (210,000 BTU/Hr)
  • IEEE 383 Flame Test (70,000 btu)
  • IEEE 1202/FT4 Flame Test (70,000 BTU/hr) 350kcmil and Larger
  • RoHS-3 Complies with European Directive 2015/863
  • VW-1 (Vertical-Wire) Flame Test
  • Table 1 – Weights and Measurements
    Stock NumberCond. SizeNumber of PairsInsul. ThicknessJacket ThicknessApprox. ODApprox. WeightTemp. RatingStandard (UL or other)
    C5Z00018115450.25545150UL Type TC
    C5ZP0018215450.38490150UL Type TC
    C5ZP0518415450.445140150UL Type TC
    C5ZP1518815600.560270150UL Type TC
    C5ZP20181215600.700380150UL Type TC
    C5ZP25181615800.790485150UL Type TC
    C5ZP30182415800.975735150UL Type TC
    C5ZP35183615801.1501050150UL Type TC
    C5Z10016115450.27555150UL Type TC
    C5ZP5016215450.420110150UL Type TC
    C5ZP5516415450.485180150UL Type TC
    C5ZP6516815600.655340150UL Type TC
    C5ZP70161215600.778485150UL Type TC
    C5ZP75161615800.915660150UL Type TC
    C5ZP80162415801.080940150UL Type TC
    C5ZP85163615801.2801350150UL Type TC
    All dimensions are nominal and subject to normal manufacturing tolerances
    ◊ Cable marked with this symbol is a standard stock item
    Table 2 – Weights and Measurements (Metric)
    Stock NumberCond. SizeNumber of PairsInsul. ThicknessJacket ThicknessApprox. ODApprox. WeightTemp. RatingStandard (UL or other)
    C5Z0001810.381.146.4867150UL Type TC
    C5ZP001820.381.149.75134150UL Type TC
    C5ZP051840.381.1411.30208150UL Type TC
    C5ZP151880.381.5214.22402150UL Type TC
    C5ZP2018120.381.5217.78566150UL Type TC
    C5ZP2518160.382.0320.07722150UL Type TC
    C5ZP3018240.382.0324.761094150UL Type TC
    C5ZP3518360.382.0329.211563150UL Type TC
    C5Z1001610.381.146.9982150UL Type TC
    C5ZP501620.381.1410.67164150UL Type TC
    C5ZP551640.381.1412.32268150UL Type TC
    C5ZP651680.381.5216.64506150UL Type TC
    C5ZP7016120.381.5219.76722150UL Type TC
    C5ZP7516160.382.0323.24982150UL Type TC
    C5ZP8016240.382.0327.431399150UL Type TC
    C5ZP8516360.382.0332.512009150UL Type TC

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