SPEC 10054

Aluminum Mobile Home Feeder (MHF). Type RHH/RHW-2 or USE-2

Underground Service Entrance Cable. 600 Volt. Alumaflex® Brand Aluminum Alloy (AA-8176) Conductor. Cross-linked Polyethylene (XLP) Insulation. Sunlight Resistant.



  1. Conductor:Class B compact stranded bare aluminum Alumaflex® per ASTM B800 and ASTM B801
  2. Ground:Green insulated aluminum ground
  3. Neutral:Black with White stripe
  4. Insulation:All phases are insulated with Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) Type RHH/RHW-2 or USE-2

Applications and Features:

Southwire® Type mobile home feeder is intended for the connection of mobile homes to a supply of electricity where permanent wiring is required as specified in the 2011 National Electrical Code. Suitable for direct burial in earth at conductor temperatures not to exceed 90°C. Voltage rating is 600 volts.


  • ASTM B800 8000 Series Aluminum Alloy Wire
  • ASTM B801 Concentric-Lay-Stranded Conductors of 8000 Series Aluminum Alloy
  • UL 44 Thermoset-Insulated Wires and Cables
  • UL 854 Service Entrance Cable
  • RoHS-2 (European Directive 2011/65/EU)
  • NEC National Electrical Code NFPA 70
  • Federal Specification A-A-59544
  • Table 1 – Weights and Measurements
    Stock NumberCond. SizeConductor NumberDiameter Over ConductorConductor StrandingInsulation ThicknessGround SizeNum x Neutral SizeApprox. ODOverall Weight
    AWG/KcmilinchmilsNo. x AWGNo. x AWGinchlbs/1000ft
    All dimensions are nominal and subject to normal manufacturing tolerances
    ◊ Cable marked with this symbol is a standard stock item
    * Strand count meets minimum number per ASTM
    Table 2 – Electrical and Engineering Data
    Cond. SizeConductor NumberMin. Bend RadiusMax Pull TensionDC Resistance at 25°CAC Resistance at 75°CInductive Reactance @ 60HzAllowable Ampacity Raceway 75°CAllowable Ampacity Raceway 90°C
    *Ampacities based upon 2023 NEC Table 310.16 and do not take into account the overcurrent protection limitations in NEC 240.4(D) of 15 Amps for 14 AWG CU, 20 Amps for 12 AWG CU, and 30 Amps for 10 AWG CU (independent of the conductor temperature rating and stranding if size is present in table). Also, see NEC sections 310.15 and 110.14(C) for additional requirements.

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