SPEC 87201

SIMpull™ Couplers: Double E-LOC Conduit Coupling

Double E-LOC & Double E-LOC Transition Couplings



• Can withstand 200 psi internal pressure
• Provide pull-out resistance in excess of ASTM standards for HDPE
• Sizes from 3/4" to 4" available
• No additional tools required for installation

Applications and Features:

• The Double E-LOC is a locking compression coupling used to join smooth, ribbed, corrugated or Figure 8 High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) conduit. The locking, pressure-tight design makes the Double E-LOC an ideal coupling for pneumatic cable placing applications when air and watertight integrity of the system is imperative. Unmatched pressure ratings, pull-out resistance, no metal parts, and no special tools make the Double E-LOC the preferred coupling. Lock rings specially designed to grip rigid PVC and steel pipe are also available.
• Double E-LOC Transition Couplings have the same great features as the Double E-LOC Couplings, but provide the ability to connect conduit of different sizes. Lock rings designed to grip PVC and steel allow for a single coupling to transition to both a dissimilar size and dissimilar material.


  • Certified to Southwire’s UL E352061
  • Meet or Exceed UL 514B: Standard for Safety Conduit, Tubing, and Cable Fittings
  • UL 651A High Density Polyethylene (HPDE) Conduit
  • Double E-LOC Couplings
    Part NumberNominal Duct SizeStandard Duct SizeLength
    DEL-105*3/41.05" O.D. DUCT6.25
    DEL-13111.315" O.D. DUCT6.25
    DEL-1661.251.660" O.D. DUCT6.25
    DEL-1901.51.900" O.D. DUCT8.25
    DEL-23722.375" O.D. DUCT8.5
    DEL-2872.52.875" O.D. DUCT8.5
    DEL-35033.500" O.D. DUCT8.5
    DEL-45044.500" O.D. DUCT8.5
    * Non-UL
    Double E-LOC Transition Couplings
    Part NumberTransition Nominal Size FromTransition Nominal Size To
    * Non-UL

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    Updated On: July 3, 2024, 9:54 p.m. UTC