SPEC 10911

Southwire Re3TM Cable Repair Kit

Restore the cable to its original integrity.
The complete ready-to-go cable repair kit contains four components and an instruction sheet.



Southwire Part #: 67037640-0.75 inch wide for sizes smaller than 500 kcmil
Southwire Part #: 67037340-1.5 inch wide for 500 kcmil and larger
  1. 1 - Abrasive Strip:To create a smooth cable surface prior to tape applications
  2. 1 - Solvent Wet Wipe Pack:To clean the cable surface prior to tape applications
  3. 1 - Re3TM -1 Primary Rubber Repair Tape:Primary repair tape
  4. 1 - Re3TM -2 Protective Vinyl Finishing Tape:Protective finishing tape
  5. Instructions:1-page product applications and step-by-step instruction sheet

Applications and Features:

Both single-conductor and multi-conductor cable products can be repaired with this kit, including SIMpull® THHN/THWN-2, SIMpull® XHHW-2, UF-B, Romex® Brand SIMpull® Type NM-B, SEU/SER, RHH/RHW-2/USE-2, Mobile Home Feeder (MHF), PV wire, medium voltage (MV-90 and MV-105) and multi-conductor cable jacketed with an overall SIMpull® PVC, PVC, LLDPE, or XLPE. You can also use this kit to repair jacketed MC products if the armor is not compromised and the conductors are not damaged. Damaged armor and damaged conductors cannot be repaired using this kit.

  1. For the 2-layer THHN/THWN-2 cables, remove 4 inches of the transparent Nylon jacket layer on each side of the damaged area. Skip step 1 for other products.
  2. Remove any protruding sharp edges from the damaged area. Abrade 6 inches of the cable jacket or insulation layer on each side of the damaged area using the abrasive strips enclosed in the kit.
  3. Clean the abraded area using a solvent-wet wipe and dry with a lint-free wipe. Both wipes are included in the kit.
  4. If the aluminum or copper conductor in a single-conductor cable or the metallic shield in a shielded cable is exposed, apply one half-lapped layer of Re3TM-2 Protective Vinyl Finishing tape to cover the exposed metal. Skip step 4 if there is no exposed metal
  5. Peel the liner off of the Re3TM-1 Primary Rubber Repair tape as you apply one half-lapped layer, covering the brown tacky area and leaving the black rubber area exposed. Lightly stretch the tape as you apply it. Cover 5 inches on each side of the damaged area.
  6. Apply two half-lapped layers of Re3TM-2 Protective Vinyl Finishing tape for 6 inches on each side of the damaged area to completely cover the taped area from step 5.

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Revision: 1.000.045

Updated On: May 30, 2024, 3:39 p.m. UTC