SPEC 46051

CU Compressed 5kV XLPE Insulation Airport Lighting

5000 Volt Non-Shielded Airport Lighting Cable, Copper Conductor With Cross-Linked Polyethylene Insulation XLPE. Meets (FAA) specification L-824 C For Underground Electrical Cable for Airport Lighting Circuits. Silicone Free



  1. Conductor:Class B copper per ASTM B3 and B8
  2. Insulation:Cross-Linked Polyethylene (XLPE). Optional colors available upon request (green, blue, red, etc.)

Applications and Features:

Southwire’s Airport Lighting Cable meets the requirements of (FAA) L-824 C underground electrical cable for airport lighting circuits (AC 150/5345-53D), (AC 150/5345-7F). Southwire’s Airport Lighting Cable is available in sizes #8 AWG through #4 AWG 7 strands. The conductors are bare annealed copper class B and covered with an abrasion, moisture, and heat resistant Cross-Linked Polyethylene XLPE insulation. The 5KV non-shielded cable is available in Black, Red and Yellow colors. Southwire Airport Lighting Cable is primarily used for series lighting circuits for runways, control systems, and other multi-purpose installations. It can be used in direct burial, conduit, or raceways. These cables are capable of operating continuously at a conductor temperature not in excess of 90°C for normal operation, 130°C for emergency and 250°C for short circuit conditions. Silicone Free.

• Cable is manufactured by Southwire Company in either Starkville, MS or Douglas, GA USA
• Cable has a warranty of 1 year from date of installation or 2 years from date of shipment whichever comes first.


  • ASTM B3 Soft or Annealed Copper Wire
  • ASTM B8 Concentric-Lay-Stranded Copper Conductors
  • ASTM B33 Standard Specification for Tin-Coated Soft or Annealed Copper Wire
  • ICEA S-96-659 (NEMA WC 71) 2001-5000 V Nonshielded Cables
  • Made in America: Compliant with both Buy American and Buy America Act (BAA) requirements per 49 U.S.C. § 5323(j) and the Federal Transit Administration Buy America requirements per 49 C.F.R. part 661
  • FAA L-824 C Specification Approved by (AC 150/5345-53D), (AC 150/5345-7F)
  • Sample Print Legend:

    Table 1 – Physical and Electrical Data
    Stock NumberCond. SizeCond. NumberCond. StrandsInsul. ThicknessApprox. ODApprox. WeightMin Bending Radius
    8 AWG
    All dimensions are nominal and subject to normal manufacturing tolerances
    ◊ Cable marked with this symbol is a standard stock item

    Color and Stock Number


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