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Southwire’s Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Cable Gland provides the means to properly terminate a VFD cable’s overall shield. The gland can be used on Southwire’s copper tape shield VFD cables and copper braid/aluminum foil shield VFD cables. Drive manufacturers stress the importance of proper shield termination to help prevent premature motor failure due to bearing fluting as well as operational issues associated with communication and control equipment located in close proximity to uncontrolled common mode currents. The VFD EMC Cable Gland provides a low impedance path at high frequency for common mode current created by the drive to the inverter via the shield and minimizes potential problems. Proper termination requires cable termination at both the drive and the motor end of the cable. Southwire’s VFD Cable Gland may be used on both copper tape and copper braid shields. Each gland includes a properly sized lock nut. Consult installation instructions for further details. Southwire offers VFD Cable Termination kits (SPEC 85451) as another cable termination option. See pdf for more details.

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