SPEC 42350

Thermocouple Wire PVC/PVC Multi Pair

Flexible Thermocouple Extension Cable, PLTC 300V 105°C



  1. Conductor:Thermocouple wire per ANSI MC 96.1 & ASTM E230 (Solid or stranded available)
  2. Insulation:Extruded PVC
  3. Twisted Pair:Conductors twisted together with a drain wire and alum/mylar shield
  4. Overall Shielded:Aluminum / mylar shield and drain wire is applied over the core
  5. Overall Jacket:Extruded PVC

Applications and Features:

For use as a 300 volt, multi pair thermocouple cable where flame retardance, moisture/chemical resistance, and sunlight resistance are critical. Cable can be installed in free air, in raceways or direct burial. The cable is also approved for damp or dry locations as well as Class 1 Division II industrial hazardous locations per NEC Article 725. Per ASTM E20 & ANSI MC 96.1. Positive conductor is numbered.

UL Listed subject 13 PLTC. Excellent physical properties and electrical properties. Resistance to flame, crush, compression and cuts. Good chemical resistance and mechanical strength. Flexible.


  • ASTM E230 Temperature-Electromotive Force (emf) Tables for Standardized Thermocouples
  • UL 1277 Vertical Cable Tray Flame Tests (70,000 BTU/Hr)
  • IEEE 383 Flame Test (70,000 btu)
  • IEEE 1202/FT4 Flame Test (70,000 BTU/hr) 350kcmil and Larger
  • ANSI MC 96.1 Temperature Measurement Thermocouples
  • Table 1 – Weights and Measurements
    Stock NumberCond. SizeNumber of PairsInsul. ThicknessJacket ThicknessApprox. ODApprox. WeightTemp. RatingStandard (UL or other)
    C4V_2020116350.20540105Type PLTC
    C4V_2220216450.31045105Type PLTC
    C4V_2420416450.35580105Type PLTC
    C4V_2820816550.487165105Type PLTC
    C4V_30201216550.570225105Type PLTC
    C4V_32201616650.660300105Type PLTC
    C4V_34202416650.775430105Type PLTC
    C4V_36203616750.920615105Type PLTC
    C4V_4016116350.24047105Type PLTC
    C4V_4216216450.435100105Type PLTC
    C4V_4416416550.495160105Type PLTC
    C4V_4816816550.620225105Type PLTC
    C4V_50161216650.730390105Type PLTC
    C4V_52161616650.820500105Type PLTC
    C4V_54162416750.970720105Type PLTC
    C4V_56163616751.1601050105Type PLTC
    All dimensions are nominal and subject to normal manufacturing tolerances
    ◊ Cable marked with this symbol is a standard stock item
    0=Type E // 1=Type J // 2=Type K // 3=Type T
    Table 2 – Weights and Measurements (Metric)
    Stock NumberCond. SizeNumber of PairsInsul. ThicknessJacket ThicknessApprox. ODApprox. WeightTemp. RatingStandard (UL or other)
    C4V_202010.410.895.2160105Type PLTC
    C4V_222020.411.147.8767105Type PLTC
    C4V_242040.411.149.02119105Type PLTC
    C4V_282080.411.4012.37246105Type PLTC
    C4V_3020120.411.4014.48335105Type PLTC
    C4V_3220160.411.6516.76446105Type PLTC
    C4V_3420240.411.6519.69640105Type PLTC
    C4V_3620360.411.9123.37915105Type PLTC
    C4V_401610.410.896.1070105Type PLTC
    C4V_421620.411.1411.05149105Type PLTC
    C4V_441640.411.4012.57238105Type PLTC
    C4V_481680.411.4015.75335105Type PLTC
    C4V_5016120.411.6518.54580105Type PLTC
    C4V_5216160.411.6520.83744105Type PLTC
    C4V_5416240.411.9124.641071105Type PLTC
    C4V_5616360.411.9129.461563105Type PLTC

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    Updated On: Dec. 11, 2023, 9:29 p.m. UTC