SPEC 46302

CU Compressed 15kV NLEPR Insulation 133% IL Black SIM-PVC Jacket. MV 105 - Tray Rated - Sunlight Resistant - For Direct Burial

Type MV-105 Single Conductor Copper, 220 Mils No Lead Ethylene Propylene Rubber (NL-EPR) Lead-Free EAM 133% Insulation Level, Tape Shield, SIMpull Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Jacket, Dual Rated UL/CSA



  1. Conductor:Class B compressed stranded bare copper per ASTM B3 and ASTM B8. Tinned copper optional per ASTM B33
  2. Conductor Shield:Semi-conducting cross-linked copolymer
  3. Insulation:220 Mils No Lead Ethylene Propylene Rubber (NL-EPR) / No-Lead Ethylene Alkene Copolymer (EAM) 133% Insulation Level
  4. Insulation Shield:Strippable semi-conducting cross-linked copolymer
  5. Copper Tape Shield:Helically wrapped 5 mil copper tape with 25% overlap
  6. Overall Jacket:SIMpull® Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

Applications and Features:

Southwire’s 15KV cables are suited for use in wet and dry areas, conduits, ducts, troughs, trays, direct burial when installed with a grounding conductor in close proximity that conforms to NEC section 311.36 and 250.4(A)(5), aerially supported by a messenger and where superior electrical properties are desired. These cables are capable of operating continuously at the conductor temperature not in excess of 105°C for normal operation, 140°C for emergency overload, and 250°C for short circuit conditions. Rated at -35°C for cold bend when UL listed. Rated at -25°C for cold bend and cold impact and marked with "LTDD" when CSA listed or dual UL/CSA listed. ST1 (low smoke) Rated for sizes 1/0 and larger. PVC jacket is made with SIM technology and has a coefficient of friction COF of 0.2. Cable can be installed in conduit without the aid of lubrication. Rated for 1000 lbs./FT maximum sidewall pressure. These cables feature sunlight and moisture resistance, exceptional corona resistance, resistance to most chemicals, oils and acids and are flame retardant.


  • ASTM B3 Soft or Annealed Copper Wire
  • ASTM B8 Concentric-Lay-Stranded Copper Conductors
  • ASTM B33 Standard Specification for Tin-Coated Soft or Annealed Copper Wire
  • UL 1072 Medium-Voltage Power Cables
  • UL 1685 FT4-ST1 Vertical-Tray Fire Propagation and Smoke Release Test (1/0 and Larger)
  • UL 1685 Vertical-Tray Fire Propagation and Smoke Release Test
  • CSA C22.2 No.230 Tray Cables - Rated TC-ER (1/0 AWG and Larger)
  • CSA C22.2 No. 2556 / UL 2556 Cable Test Methods
  • CSA C68.10 Shielded Power Cables for Commercial and Industrial Applications - 5 to 46 KV
  • ICEA S-93-639 (NEMA WC 74) 5-46 KV Shielded Power Cable
  • ICEA S-97-682 Standard for Shielded Utility Cable Rated for 5 - 46kV
  • IEEE 1202 FT4 Flame Test (70,000) BTU/hr Vertical Tray Test (1/0 and Larger)
  • AEIC CS-8 Specification for extruded dielectric shielded power cables rated for 5 through 46KV (Meets Qualification Test Requirements)
  • Made in America: Compliant with both Buy American and Buy America Act (BAA) requirements per 49 U.S.C. § 5323(j) and the Federal Transit Administration Buy America requirements per 49 C.F.R. part 661
  • Sample Print Legend:

    {SQFTG_DUAL} SOUTHWIRE SIMpull{R} POWER CABLE {UL} XX KCMIL CU 220 MILS NL-EPR 15KV 133% INS LEVEL 25%TS MV-105 FOR CT USE ST1 SUN RES (NESC) -- {CSA} XX KCMIL CU 5.59mm (220 mils) NL-EPR 15KV 133% INS LEVEL 25%TS SR TC-ER 105{D}C FT4 -25{D}C LTDD -- PAT www.patentSW.com -- RoHS
    Table 1 – Weights and Measurements
    Stock NumberCond. SizeStrand CountDiameter Over ConductorDiameter Over InsulationDiameter Over Insulation ShieldJacket ThicknessApprox. ODApprox. WeightMax Pull TensionMin Bending RadiusConduit Size*
    AWG/KcmilNo. of Strandsinchinchinchmilinchlb/1000ftlbinchinch
    All dimensions are nominal and subject to normal manufacturing tolerances
    ◊ Cable marked with this symbol is a standard stock item
    * Conduit size based on 3 phase 40% fill-factor without ground
    Table 2 – Electrical and Engineering Data
    Cond. SizeDC Resistance @ 25°CAC Resistance @ 90°CCapacitive Reactance @ 60HzInductive Reactance @ 60HzZero Sequence Impedance*Positive Sequence Impedance*Shield Short Circuit Current 6 CyclesAllowable Ampacity In Duct 90/105°CAllowable Ampacity In Air 90/105°C
    20.1620.2040.0510.0510.575 + j0.420.204 + j0.0522571155/165195/215
    10.1280.1620.0470.0490.532 + j0.4010.162 + j0.0492695175/185225/250
    1/00.1020.1280.0430.0470.496 + j0.3840.128 + j0.0472816200/215260/290
    2/00.0810.1020.0400.0450.468 + j0.3670.103 + j0.0452952230/245300/335
    3/00.0640.0810.0370.0430.444 + j0.3470.082 + j0.0443110260/275345/385
    4/00.0510.0650.0340.0420.424 + j0.3280.066 + j0.0423284295/315400/445
    2500.0430.0560.0320.0410.41 + j0.310.057 + j0.0413451325/345445/495
    3500.0310.0410.0280.0390.386 + j0.2810.042 + j0.0393770390/415550/610
    5000.0220.0300.0250.0370.363 + j0.2490.031 + j0.0374167465/500685/765
    6000.0180.0260.0230.0360.351 + j0.230.027 + j0.0354433505/544765/855
    7500.0140.0230.0210.0350.337 + j0.2110.024 + j0.0354752565/610885/990
    10000.0110.0190.0190.0340.319 + j0.1860.02 + j0.0345214640/6901060/1185
    12500.0090.0180.0170.0330.305 - j0.0890.019 - j0.2235638715/7701210/1350
    15000.0070.0170.0160.0320.293 + j0.1520.018 + j0.0316010815/8801345/1500
    20000.0050.0170.0140.0310.275 + j0.130.018 + j0.0296670940/10101575/1755
    * Ampacities are based on:
    * For Duct: Table 310.60(C)(77) Detail 1.
    * For Free Air: Table 310.60(C)(69).
    * Inductive impedance is based on non-ferrous conduit with one diameter spacing.
    * Sequence Impedance values are based on Rho Earth Resistivity: 100 Ohm-Meter/1000ft.
    * Capacitive Reactance is between Phase-to-Shield.

    Revision: 1.000.001

    Updated On: Sept. 2, 2023, 3:16 p.m. UTC